Why Hotels Should Use AreaOwl

Improve guest service

Any and all local information that travelers may need, all in one place, all within a few clicks.

Eats: Restaurants, bars, cafes, open late, kids friendly, happy hour, etc.

Tours & Attractions: Tickets for tours, attraction, events in the area.

Shops: Malls, specialty stores, necessities, food/beverage, electronics, gifts, etc.

Services: Health/beauty, hair/nail, business, medical, transportation, repairs, foreign consulates, public services, financial services, etc.

Local interests: Historical or natural attractions, famous landmarks, etc.

Enhance hotel staff engagement with guests by using AreaOwl.com as your hotel’s informative, engaging, and efficient guest service tool

Guests love the photos, menus, online reservation, interactive map

Mobile-friendly so guests can easily access all our information in their room or on-the-go

Make AreaOwl your hotel’s own unique guest service portal by having the entire website customized with your hotel brand and content

Just create your hotel account and enter some basic hotel customization information. Our system will take care of the rest.

We also provide a unique hotel subdomain (e.g.HotelName.areaowl.com), so the site truly becomes your own unique guest service site.

Add your own content to promote or explain in-house hotel services and facilities to make this a one-stop-shop for all in-house and local information resource.

Generate Additional Revenue

Hotel staff can easily and safely book tours and attractions for your guests, or your guests can browse and book the tours themselves on the website in the comfort of their room.

The hotel earns a commission on all ticket sales on your hotel’s unique subdomain, whether the sale was made by front desk staff or self-purchased by guests.

AreaOwl takes care of the back-end accounting so hotels just promote and sell more tour tickets. We send you a commission check each month.

Improve Staff Efficiency

by reducing workload during busy hours

AreaOwl can answer many questions that guests have. As a result the line moves faster and gets shorter.