Travelers want to enjoy local'ness.

As a local hotel, are you prepared to help them?

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Do your staff rely on their personal knowledge, flyers, and copies of menus to explain local choices to guests?


Does a line form in the evening as new guests arrive while others seek assistance with local dining choices?


Do you offer a technology solution where guests can make their own choices at their own pace (without feeling rushed)?


How do you help foreign guests who have difficulty with English?


 Start using to help your guests and your staff!


1. Guests love it!
    • "Its fun, easy, and really helpful!"
    • Staff love it too! - "It takes a lot of pressure off our shoulders."
2. Make it easy for guests to find in the comfort of their room
    • We are happy to provide desktop guest guides (Free!) 
      • Tabletop guides for guest rooms and public areas
      • Welcome Card for front desk

        (Card key shown for size comparison)
3. Place a tablet at the front desk for optimal guest service
    • Tablets available for low monthly rates.
      • 10" standard screen tablet (photo)
      • 18" big screen tablet
    • Or, use your own!

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