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AreaOwl is a web-based business that offers “Online Hotel Concierge Service” and “An Online Local Advertising Platform”. As an Online Hotel Concierge, our web site helps hotel staff and hotel guests look for near-by restaurants, merchants, and other local interests with an online listing of local businesses organized by location & category. As an Online Local Advertising Platform, we list local businesses on our concierge page to help businesses attract travelers staying at near-by hotels. Local businesses can list their business for free, but will get additional features and/or more exposure by subscribing to various levels of paid service.

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Visiting an unfamiliar area. Need help finding a good place to eat, shop, play, take care of business, etc.

AreaOwl provides:

A traveler-focused local directory organized by location and traveler needs. Our visual “click-n-browse” interface : “Pictures speak a thousand words.”

Without AreaOwl

Use text-based online search tools, or ask hotel staff or concierge. Neither are preferred solutions for foreign guests with limited command of English.

Local Businesses


No efficient and affordable way to effectively attract travelers to business.

AreaOwl provides:

A targeted, affordable, flexible, interactive, self-service advertising platform for businesses to attract travelers visiting the local area.

Without AreaOwl:

Printed advertising is expensive, no flexibility once printed, fixed duration, limited reach to travelers. Online advertising is too technical to figure out, can be expensive, unpredictable cost, not clear how or if it works.

Hotels and Visitor Services


Many guests ask for local information but staff face various challenges:

- Limited staff knowledge

- Short-staffed during busy hours

- Communication challenge with foreign guests

AreaOwl provides:

A visually enjoyable, very informative, convenient guest service tool to efficiently show (not just explain) local choices to guests, even with limited English - also portable on smartphone.

Without AreaOwl:

Verbally explain limited number of options, while keeping check-in guests waiting. Often not helpful for foreign guests.

AreaOwl’s solution for Travelers and Hotels

Tablet placed at front desk / concierge

Table tent in rooms